SIMF has resumed AFF, FPFF & MFA Practicals . PST & PSCRB practical orders are still awaited from DGS. SIMF is committed to issue On-time Certificates to all pass out Candidates as per DGS guidelines . Certificates are generated & issued same day at end of day to those who have completed E Learning, Virtual Course and Exit Examination.
Basic Safety Training With STSDSD Duration: 15 Days Fee: 18000 apply now
Personal Safety & Social Responsiblities Duration: 4 Days Fee: 6000 apply now
Elementary First Aud
Duration: 3 Days Fee: 6000 apply now
Security Training for Seafers

Duration: 2 Days Fee: 3500 apply now
Baisc Training in Oil & Chemical Tanker Cargo Operation Duration: 6 Days Fee: 6000 apply now
Basic Safety Training

Duration: 12 Days Fee: 15000 apply now
Passenger Ship Familrisation Duration: 2.5 Days Fee: 4500 apply now