As per DGS order from 1st April 2023, SID card is compulsory for all Advanced, Refresher and Competency Courses.

SIMF has Internal Grievance Forum (IGF) for addressing the Complaints/Grievance of the Students and specify the mechanism for grievance redressal. The forum shall follow the principles of natural justice including inter-alia the following:

  1. It shall protect the interest of students.
  2. It shall inform students of their rights.
  3. It shall facilitate and expedite the redressal of grievances.
  4. It shall ensure that students can also have a remedy in the event of failure or delay on the part of the in redressing their complaints.


Grievances falling within the purview of any of the following provisions of the conditionalities mentioned below are excluded from the jurisdiction of the IGF:

  1. Refund against cancellation related issue.
  2. Absenteeism during the course.
  3. Violation of DGS rules.
  4. In cases where the Grievance has been submitted two (2) years after the date on which the cause of action has arisen.


  1. A Student may register his/her complaints in person by visiting SIMF office or through E-mail:
  2. All complaints received shall be automatically assigned/sent to the respective division, for speedy redressal.
  3. The respective division is required to provide remedy on the complaint within three (3) working days.
  4. The concerned officer shall take necessary action on the complaint and update.
  5. There will be escalation index for nonresolution/ non-closure of complaint depending on the time elapsed from the date of registering the complaint.
  6. Complainant can file his/her feedback with a suggestion window for the service provided.